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Just so we're clear.
It is important to Me that we have a mutually enjoyable experience together, in order for that to occur there need to be some ground rules set, along with what you can expect from Me and our session, so make sure you study this page well and learn.  

Rules of Engagement:


Before you Reserve your appointment-

  • I request all new slaves to send an email introduction or fill out My online questionnaire before I will accept a phone call from you. slaves I have sessioned with before are permitted to call Me directly.

  • I prefer 1 days notice for all appointments I accept same day appointments from VIP clients who can book same day sessions with 4 hours notice.

  • I reserve the right to request a small deposit at my own discretion, this could be dependent on if you are a new client, under a specific age or dependent on your session type. Deposits ARE always refundable in the event that I have to cancel our appointment. Deposits are typically NOT going to be required for existing slaves I have met with previously.

  • I am an exclusive/low volume-high quality Fem Domme and typically do not book Myself more then 6 appointments a week. Make sure you are sincere and certain you want an appointment with Me before contacting Me. If you are nervous and unsure I do offer in person consultations, coffee, date and Lunch/Dinner dates as alternative options if you wish to meet prior to deciding if you wish to relinquish control to Me.  Do NOT waste My time; I assure you I will not waste yours.

  • I typically prefer to see those over the age of thirty (30) but may consider slaves between the ages of 21 to 29 with a higher deposit.    (I will NOT consider those under the age of 21).  

On the Phone with Mistress Tiffany:

After you have emailed an introduction to Me-

  • I will not speak to you until you have either filled out My online questionnaire or sent a proper email introduction telling Me what you're looking for in your session, etc.  My contact page indicates what I require via email, however the Questionnaire is preferred.

  • When we speak I want to remind you to listen, answer My questions and to be respectful. Do NOT Dominate our conversation.

  • I will always give you a moment to freely ask Me respectful questions.  If you feel the need to have a lengthy conversation to discuss the details of our session you may book a Phone consultation.  Donations for phone consults are located on My session page.

  • Do NOT use graphic language over the phone and do NOT request illegal activity or I will disconnect our call.

  • The only purpose to call Me AFTER you have sent your introduction email is to book an appointment, if you feel the need to chat Me up I do offer phone consultations (information is on My sessions page).

  • I will screen you over the phone, please keep in mind that I am a professional and value My reputation, I never retain personal information and value discretion and privacy.


Now that you have an appointment:

  • I never permit intoxication or drug use during our session.

  • In the event that you can not keep your appointment I request you call (not email or text) as soon as you know you can not keep your appointment, in the event that you can not cancel with a days notice I will require a $100 cancellation fee on top of your retainer/deposit. If you no call/No show I will require your session to be paid in full or you will be blacklisted/banned.  I will discuss the details of emergency cancellations with you and considerations I offer in the event you have to cancel because of an emergency.  

  • Make sure you follow any instructions I give you prior to your appointment.

  • Do NOT ask for directions to My location YET, you will get this when I have you confirm your appointment. I will give you instructions when to get directions. Failure to confirm is considered a no call/no show and you will lose your retainer/deposit and will be required to pay for your missed appointment.  


General policies:

  • I do not offer any sexual services or nudity, so do not ask for it! If I choose to peel off any clothing that will be MY CHOICE not yours.

  • Do NOT attempt to negotiate or haggle My donations for My sessions it is rude and any attempt of this I will instantly black list you with no chance of ever meeting Me. This includes bartering or offering me gift cards as a form of payment, if you do not get paid for your job in gift cards then why should I? However if you wish to get Me a gift card as an actual gift that would be acceptable.

  • I am very discreet, this means I do not discuss you with others EVER nor do I retain personal information and I request you show the same respect in discretion for Me, this means not discussing My private location, not discussing our session with others and not discussing anything personal we shared in session.

  • When you arrive do not make Me ask for the donation, have your donation in an unsealed envelope or gift card and place it on one of My tables in My play space.

  • When arriving to My location make sure you are not dressed in anything that would draw any attention to yourself. Appropriate dress attire is business casual (slacks, khakis, button up shirt, polo). If you plan on being dressed any other way let Me know. If you are wearing a suit you can take your tie and coat off in your car. (being over dressed can draw too much attention).

  • In the event that you pay a deposit, please keep in mind this is not refundable if you cancel or no show for your appointment, your deposit is however fully refundable if I have to cancel our session. I will require your deposit the same day you reserve your appointment.

  • Deposits range from $100 to $150 unless otherwise noted on My site.

  • If you cancel a session there is a cancellation fee of $100 if you do not provide a days notice, otherwise you will only lose your deposit/retainer.

  • If you cancel the same day as your session you will be requested to pay for your session in full and will be permitted to reschedule with-in a reasonable time for only a small re-booking fee.  (If you have questions about this let Me know).

  • Failure to comply with My cancellation policies will conclude in Me blacklisting you from further sessions with Myself or any partners I work with.



  • Expect to meet with an outspoken Southern Dominant Woman who will respect your boundaries but push your buttons.  (In a good way).  

  • Expect to receive a safe word when you arrive for your session.  

  • Expect Me to take the time to talk to you when you arrive for our session prior to play, this first 15 minutes to30 minutes is important for Me to feel you through, I tend to go with the flow and slowly go naturally into My sessions until I get to know you better.  

  • I dress differently from latex, leather, lingerie, corsets, heels, boots, etc. If you have a specific clothing request you must make it with a days notice, if I do not have a specific article you have a Fetish for then you may purchase it for Me and bring it to Me.  Otherwise I will wear what I want to wear.  (I do NOT accept requests for nude or partially nude.  I dress exactly how I look in My photos.  Do NOT ask for anything less as far as coverage.).  

  • In public, you can expect Me to always be a lady as well as discreet, I always dress appropriately if you choose to meet Me in public.  

  • Expect Me to communicate to you completely during our session, I am not a "quiet" Domme who just goes through the motions, I love to talk dirty to My submissives.  


Now Prepare yourself for an AMAZING session.  

your Superior,

Mistress Tiffany

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