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Demanding & Strict yet Sensual and Seductive.  Most would say I am a suburban snob; I am elegant yet kinky with a twisted dark side.  I carry Myself with poise and like a Lady, but at times cuss like a sailor and can whisper the naughtiest things to you as well as use strong commands that will bring you to your knees.


I enjoy the eroticism of BDSM, the power exchange and the control I command over men.  Its so easy to control men; I have been doing it for many years and am a natural Dominant which you will see as soon as we meet.


I find it humorous when I meet a submissive man how quickly he becomes erect in My presence, a clear indication that I am in control once the blood rushes from his brain to in-between his legs.


My experience in the Domination scene started at the age of 19 for Me, I had always loved manipulating men and found it easy to get what I wanted from them.  I enjoyed being pampered, I enjoyed physically and mentally degrading submissives; using their minds and their body’s for My pure satisfaction and amusement thrilled Me beyond words and continues to this very day.


Assertive, aggressive, spunky, playful, seductive and kinky is everything you will find in Me, I assure you I AM different, you will not find Me forced into an act or a certain demeanor or behavior, everything about My persona as a Fem Domme is natural and not forced.


Whether you seek a sensual Fetish Session or an intense Domination experience, you will find Me extremely versatile and open-minded.


As a professional Dominatrix I find discretion imperative for both Myself and My clients.  My reputation as a Lifestyle Fem-Domme and professional Dominatrix are important, if you do a little research you will find I am reputable yet reserved.


My hobby of the Human Psychosis helps Me wrap Myself into your mind, taking over your fantasies and making them My own. I will push your limits, but never cross your boundaries and I will use your body in a way that will make you continue to yearn for Me.  My rapport with My clients is VERY important. Whether you choose to meet with Me only once or reoccurring, I assure you that you will experience a discreet and safe encounter while you are in My presence and play space.  


My expertise is incomparable; I will take you into My world and allow you to experience Domination in its purest from, you will feel exhilarated and renewed when I am done with you.  



I am a professional business owner/CEO with a back ground in Marketing and sales, I have also been a plus size model, Life Coach, Marketing Manager, writer (articles) and Dominatrix. Personally as a lifestyle Domme I spend My free time with the local community when time permits and I am currently the Head Mistress and Founder of Elite Fem Society a Femme Domme and male submissive lifestyle group.


My ambitions are to hopefully complete a PHD in Psychology one day specializing in human sexuality (go figure huh).  However if it is something I do not do I still feel I have achieved much, especially with how young I am.  I can honestly say I am a fulfilled and happy person who has seen much and done even more and I want to keep going.



Gifts I Love:

  • MADEMOISELLE by Coco Chanel.  Eau de Parfum.  Lotions, powders, wash etc.

  • Godiva Chocolate.  

  • Red Wine or dry Champagne. I love Chandon Brut and Veuve

  • White wines of high quality Sauvignon Blanc (California or French) White Bordeaux, Good Chardonnay (I enjoy buttery chardonnay such as duckhorn and Poppy among others)  always ask an expert what they recommend in wines if you are selecting something for Me.  I am always open to trying different types as long as they are of quality.   

  • Basil Hayden's Bourbon

  • Angels Envy Bourbon (Very hard to find but very good).

  • Gift certificates to Macy's (this is where I get some of My cosmetics and skin care from independent companies such as Lancôme, Chanel and other fine cosmetic retailers).  

  • ITunes gift cards (I love music).  

  • MAC cosmetics gift cards

  • Starbucks gift cards.  

  • Hips & Curves Gift cards

  • Secrets in Lace gift cards

  • Victoria Secrets Gift Cards.

  • Red roses.  

  • Star gazer lilies.  

  • I love to go shoe shopping if you ever want to go with Me and spoil Me with new shoes.  I wear a size 10 shoe if you wish to bring Me a pair.

  • Spa gift certificates in the Fairfax area.  

  • Yankee Candle gift cards or candles. (I like spicy or fruity fragrances, as well as Lavender; NOT the clean or cotton fragrances.  I LOVE different Pumpkin fragrances for candles).  

  • Lavender bath products.  

  • Or anything from My wish list here.


For those obsessed with a Woman's Physique, I am a full figured Southern Woman who has been told time and time again that a possess a strikingly beautiful face, full lips and mesmerizing eyes.  I am also complimented on My long legs and amazing porcelain complexion and soft smooth skin (for those lucky enough to get to touch Me).  

Although I am a full figured Woman, I live a healthy and relatively active lifestyle, I take care of Myself from active work outs to My skin, nails and hair.

* Height: 5'8"   

* Dress size 16/18

* Red/merlot short hair   

* Green eyes   

* Statuesque/Full figured Physique   

* 42D-39-46

* Shoe size 9/10 Boots 10/11



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