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I am fully vaccinated and boosted.

Do not forget to get your flu vaccine this year.

Session Information:


Find the right type of session that suits you.  Read this page in it's entirety.

Inquire about My VIP Packages for discounted sessions.

Ready to reserve an appointment?  CLICK HERE to fill out My Questionnaire.




I offer private and discreet 1 on 1 sessions in My private and fully equipped playspace.  


  • 1 hour Sessions -  $300 (Quick introductions session.) 1 hour sessions MUST be paid in full when reserving

  • 90 minutes-  $400 (50% retainer deposit required when booking 90 minutes).

  • 2 Hours-  $500 (Preferred recommended minimum session duration).

  • 3 hours-  $700

  • $200 each additional hour. 

  • Same day appointment request is an additional $300 and you MUST provide 4-6 hours notice from the moment you call. 

  • VIP clients may book same day requests without any additional fees.  Click HERE to become a VIP client.


  • $700 for 2 hours.

  • $900 for 3 hours

  • $300 each additional hour

Outcalls at your location

I'll bring the needed equipment.

  • 2 Hours-  $700  minimum.

  • $250 each additional hour.

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Kinky Text/Sext


Session Packages


Enhance your Session


  • 1 hour coffee or cocktail consult-  $200  (Care to meet before committing to a session)?

  • $2 hour Lunch or dinner consult/date -  $300  Enjoy a nice lunch meet and greet.

  • 3 hour Dinner and Companion - $400  Enjoy a lovely evening out with Me for dinner and drinks.  

All Consult packages above do not include and play or sessions.

Sessions Packages 

  • 3 hour cocktail/lunch and Play- $650  Do you wish to meet for a drink or lunch prior to our session?  Then this special package for is for you.  This includes, a 1 hour coffee, cocktail, or lunch meet before we come back to My playspace for your session.  Includes about 1 hour for a drink and or lunch and 2 hours back at My play space.

  • 5 hours Dinner and Play date package - $900  Includes dinner and about 3-4 hours of play time.  We start with dinner and proceed to our play date after at My Dungeon.  Total time about 5-6 hours.

Because you are a gentleman, all food and beverages are covered by you.

All packages above require a days notice

Fly Me to you:

If you wish to have Me specifically come see you in your city for a session the Fee is $1400 for a 4 hour minimum, (you may select longer) this does not include the cost of flight and accommodations such as hotel, food, and beverages.

48 hours notice is required along with full payment at the time you reserve a FMTY appointment.

Click here to read My expectations and protocols.




  • 8 hours- $1,800 Overnight or full day session.   (1 days notice required and a 50% deposit required with this session).

  • 12 hours-   $2,400 Overnight or full day session.   (2 days notice required and a 50% deposit required with this session).

  • 24 hours-  $4,000 Includes full personal service to Mistress Tiffany as her slave and training, 2 different play sessions 3 hours or longer each.  (2 days notice required and a 50% deposit required with this session)

  • Slave for a day 12 hours - $2,000  -  Slave for 24 hours - $3,500   Serve Me for the day. Learn My protocols and expectations of what it is like to be My slave for a full 12 hours. (This does not include "session" time but will include some play, keep in mind that this is about your service to Me and can be customized to your discretion and comfort level) 

  • 2 hours service to multiple Fem Dommes - $800 to $1400  -72 hours notice required. This can range from Myself to 2-5 extra Dominant Women. This is perfect for those who desire to serve multiple lifestyle Women.  I will NOT share photos of the Women, looks, age and nationality will vary and you do NOT get a choice.  This is intended to be a real experience for you to enjoy.

  • Special Arrangements-  Ask Me about "special arrangements". This is perfect for those who wish to have a longer term more personable BDSM/Domination experience with Me.




  • 30 minute phone consult - $100 Break the ice before booking a Session.

  • 30 minute phone session $150

  • 1 hour phone session - $200

  • 30 minutes webcam $200  (Skype or Facetime or your choice of webcam application)  1 hour webcam $300

  • 1 hour Voyer webcam $300  Watch Me with My slave on webcam.  Requests are accepted. 1 days notice required.

  • Phone sessions with direct pay or calls on niteflirt and sextpanther.  1-800-863-5478
    ext: 11597992

  • Text sessions available through Sext Panther or direct pay.

  • Longer Text sessions - Be My text slave for 1 day or longer:  1 full day $200 per day or $700 for 5 days or $900 for 7 days (Direct payment accepted) email to inquire -

1 days notice preferred but I can do some virtual sessions with 4 hours notice.  Fill out My virtual session request form here. for webcam sessions (deposit required).  Direct payments accepted via Cash app or PP.  (info on the links for payment are sent after you reserve).

Offering VIP Sessions!

VIP Sessions offer great discounted sessions for those who want to play more frequently!

Click Here for information on VIP Sessions.

Additional Fees:

Fetish Clothing Requests:

I always dress fantastic for My sessions, however if you desire FULL Fetish attire such as full latex, leather or PVC/Vinyl as Specific clothing requests add an additional $100 to your session.

Either way you will never be disappointed in how I dress for sessions.

Small requests such as hosiery, boots, gloves, etc do not incur any additional fees.

Same Day appointments:

Same day appointments are hard for Me to do and typically reserved for My VIP clients only, however if you desire a same day appointment (MUST provide 4 hours notice minimum) I will do My best to accommodate this but will request an additional $300 fee to your desired session. (Keep in mind that I can not guarantee a same day session and you still must follow the bookinng steps on My contact page).

Mistress Tiffany

My Expertise:


  • Foot and Leg Fetishes  (Stockings, bare feet, shoes, etc).  Light to heavy spanking  (Paddles, Brushes, canes, floggers, whips, hand, etc).

  • OTK Spanking  (Laid over My lap and spanked usually with  My hand, paddle or hair brush).

  • Whipping  (Whips, floggers, single tails, etc).

  • Teasing  (Sensual teasing and denial).  Sensual Domination  (Slow and soft Domination, mental Domination, etc).

  • Chastity Training  (I am a key holder and can keep you in chastity with-in an agreed amount of time)

  • Corporal Punishment  (Intense whipping and spankings with different implements in a corporal manner).

  • Floggers

  • O-Control/edging

  • Ass Worship (Nothing bare, panties are worn or a thong, NO rimming)

  • Water Sports/GS

  • Single Tails  (I specialize with the use of single tails and am accurate with My aim and use).

  • Clothing  (I have some Latex, Vinyl and Leather for Fetishist).

  • Paddling   (I have an array of different paddles from, wood,  rubber, straps, etc.).

  • Spitting  (Face spitting, spitting on your body, etc.).

  • Clamps  (I have an array of clamps, from wooden to butterfly, etc).

  • Electro Play -  Violet Wand and Tens Unit.  (I own a tens unit and Violet Wand with many different fun attachments).

  • Hair Pulling  (Hair pulling on your head or body).

  • Bondage  (Rope, chain, cuffs, etc.)

  • Mummification  (I use saran wrap and Duct tape for full body mummification, I can do full or partial mummification).

  • Face Slapping

  • CBT/CBB (Light to heavy, ball kicking and crushing etc.).

  • Physical Domination  (Body walking, trampling, crushing, laying My body and weight on you, crushing you with My body, etc).

  • Body crushing (Me crushing you under My body).  

  • Toy Play  (I have an array of clean and sterile toys for use).

  • Objectification  (Using you as an object, furniture, etc.).

  • Nipple Play  (Tender to intense nipple stimulation).

  • Trampling  (Body trampling and crushing).

  • Body smothering (nothing bare)

  • Face sitting (nothing bare)

  • Humiliation and Degradation  

  • Boot/Shoe worship Boot and shoe fetishes accommodated 

  • Glove fetishes (Leather, latex and vinyl)

  • Cigar/Cigarette/Hokah smoking Fetishes (I do not typically smoke in session unless it is requested) 

  • Water retaining  (Forcing you to hold an enema or forcing you to hold your bladder).

  • Body worship  (This includes kissing and worshipping NON-SEXUAL organs of Mine such as the feet, legs, arms & massage, I also allow My submissives to bathe and pamper Me if requested in advance).

  • Medical  (Role playing, temporary Piercing, sounds, catheters, etc.).

  • Sounds  (Medical sounds).

  • Cross dressing and Sissy Training (Mild to full transformations)

  • Tickle torture  (Giving)

  • Massage/Body Worship  (Receiving) Partial to full body shaving

  • Nail Fetishes  (Medium length to long nails).

  • Infantilism/AB/Diaper Lovers  (you must provide your own AB/DL supplies)

  • Counseling and Support /Life Coach/Kink Coach (I can offer support and advice for those who seek help with relationships and BDSM acceptance/self understanding).


I do NOT offer the following, and will NOT consider it so do NOT ask for any of the following activities.
•Nudity of any sort, don't fucking ask for it.  If I want to be nude it is MY choice.
•Blood sports
•Oral sex or rimming  (giving or receiving)
•Financial Domination  
•Forced Bi  

I am a Dominatrix not a prostitute or Kinky Escort.  My experience with Fetishes and kinks is incomparable.  I offer real Fetish and real Kink Domination fantasies.  I believe in a mutually enjoyable encounter.  I will respect your boundaries and ask that you respect Mine.

Mistress Tiffany
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