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My playspace/location.


My play space is a 1500 sqft Dungeon/Playspace that is a clean and fully equipped private location in the Northern Va area.  


I am equipped with:

  • 2 different Bondage spanking benches

  • A custom/versatile floating suspension table.

  • A custom medical table.

  • Oversized suspended leather sling.

  • Suspended neck stock (you will have to see it and experience it to understand the true delight of it).

  • Bondage Chair.

  • Bondage frame.

  • Cage.

  • Smother box/Throning box.  Great for face sitting.

  • Queen size bed. Perfect for bondage, tickle sessions

  • Bondage Table with cage under.

  • A latex vacuum bed.  If you have not tried this it is a must for latex lovers.

  • Portable massage table great for medical and bondage.

  • I also enjoy bondage scenes on My pool table.


Smaller equipment includes:

  • Custom made humbler.

  • 2 different tens units.

  • Violet wand.

  • Medical- Enema bag/Sounds/Catheters/etc.

  • An assortment of different canes.

  • Floggers.

  • Paddles.

  • Leather bondage sleeves.

  • A  variety of hoods

  • A variety of gags.  Jennings, Ring, bit, ball and many other types.

  • Clamps.


    A venus milking machine

  • Mechanical "F" machine

  • CBT toys and devices.

  • Sensual toys. 

  • Toys for boys. straps, vibs and plugs

  • Single tails and different whips.

  • An assortment of crops.

  • An assortment of bondage gear.

  • And much more.


All of My equipment is clean and sanitized before and after use.

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