Mistress Tiffany's Review's and Testimonials.


Here you will find real reviews and feedback from submissives who have had the pleasure of serving Me.  


If you have had a session with Me and would like to write about your experience, whether it is short and sweet or written in detail step by step, I invite you to email Me your testimonial to MindyourDomme@Gmail.com


Thank you for all of the feedback and amazing sessions.  


Mistress Tiffany

One of a kind.

March 08, 2018

I have had seen a few dommes in my past looking to fulfill my fetishes and fantasies and although not all of those experiences were bad, they just did not feel fully satisfying, until I met Mistress Tiffany.

She spent a lot of time talking to me on the phone and in person when I arrived. She was funny, sexy, confident and put me at ease.  I've never met a pro who was as self assured and put together in what they are doing.  

She went with the flow and easily took control and made it known what my place was; "to serve her".  

Mistress Tiffany paid attention to my kink interests while opening me up and combining other aspects such as bondage and teasing.  I've never experienced such arousal with psychological stimulation.  I was all over the place in what i was feeling.  The element of surprise and not knowing what was coming next kept the anticipation high. 


I just need to say Thank you Mistress Tiffany, I never knew that seeing a professional could be this wonderful, you were everything I needed and I can not wait to see you again.  I am officially a fan. 


Mistress Tiffany does it again

January 22, 2018

I started seeing Mistress Tiffany when she first moved to the DC area about 4 years ago and have seen her at least a couple dozen times and am smacking myself for just now writing a testimonial, perhaps I'm hoping to keep one of the most phonemonial Dommes to myself subconsciously but i know she deserves her praises to be shared.


The first thing anyone should know about Mistress Tiffany is she is unpredictable and I do mean that in a good way.

She is beyond generous with her time and one amazing Domme! 


Every session I have with her is unique, as I said unpredictable and I love this about her.

I'm never bored with her and she is extremely creative and there is something about her where she can just get into her submssives head.  I have never been with a Domme who can do that the way Mistress Tiffany does.  Every visit is a pleasant surprise and I look forward to every session we have together.  Anyone who meets Mistress Tiffany will not regret it.  

Thank you Mistress for every encounter and allowing me under your service. 

slave p

My first time with a Dominatrix

July 18, 2017

I was very nervous about seeing a dominatrix but excited at the same time, it took me a long time researching before I decided to contact Mistress Tiffany and I can say thank you Mistress, I know I made the right choice.

I know I read Mistress Tiffany's site at least a dozen times so I knew what I needed to do to book an appointment. I researched her twitter, instagram and fetlife profile as well and was certain this woman was the real deal.

This was the surprise though...

After filling out her questionnaire I made the phone call to her to make the appointment and I have to say I was surprised with how much time she spent on the phone with me and how thorough she was to make sure we were compatible, I knew instantly that this was a young woman who loved what she did but at the same time was a real professional and in that moment I knew I was in capable hands.  She made me feel comfortable and was very friendly, playful and a complete delight to speak with.  

I decided before calling her since I was a newbie that I wanted to try her 5 hour dinner and play package so we could get to know each other before our session and after speaking to her I could not wait to have dinner with her and a session.  

She suggested a place for dinner and met me there, she sent me a text telling me she was soon to arrive and requested the champagne I was to order for her and I did so promptly.  

She was led to the table by the hostess and I was thrilled to meet her, she was truly beautiful and dressed appropriately for the restaurant of choice yet the skirt she wore and high heels had my head in a tizzy.  We ordered our courses and had great chemistry.  Mistress Tiffany is very easy to get along with and it is quite apparent she is a natural dominant.  A classy woman that exudes sensuality and I loved how direct she was and how she speaks her mind.  

After dinner I followed her to her playspace which was about 20 minutes away from where we had dinner.  She left parking open for me right in front of her place and she led me in.  I was led in to a dim lit room with music and glanced around noticing all the equipment and implements she had, i guess she noticed i started to get nervous again because she set me at ease pretty quickly.  She slowly went into our session, it was so natural.  

Absolutely one of the best experiences of my life.  I am looking into her VIP packages and plan on booking that way because she offers reasonable discounts for VIP clients.  

Thank you Mistress Tiffany, I am a huge admirer and can not wait to see you again.  

~ Gary

An experience to remember.

March 09, 2017

After meeting Mistress Tiffany I had the intense desire in knowing that I needed to write her a review for hr to share on her site.

I have been playing with prodommes for over 20 years now with some lulls on occasion.

I have met some amazing dommes, but I have never met anyone who has gotten into my head or who has understood me like Mistress Tiffany.

I don't really care to share what my fetishes are but I have to say that Mistress Tiffany was non judgmental and very openminded and a lot of fun to serve and play with.

I have never met a Domme with the perfect combination of laidback, professional, classy, strict but fun; she is so easy to talk to.

I am so happy to have met her and can't wait to be her plaything again.  


Under Lock and Key!

February 12, 2017

i saw Mistress Tiffany 10 days ago. After an intense session where She used urethral sounds on me and hooked them up to Her news tens unit, all while i was tightly tied and strapped down, i was just relieved that my punishment was over. Little did i know what would come next.

Still strapped down to Mistress Tiffany's floating table, She pulls out a steel chastity device and forces my still-hard and incredibly sore cock into the tube, locking me up and teasing me with the key.

Once locked up, She unties me and makes me kneel in front of Her as She takes a seat on the couch in front of me. With one foot on my cock cage, She instructs me to massage her legs and feet as She explains to me the (seemingly open-ended) duration of my chastity. At this point i don't have much of a choice other than to submit to Mistress's will...She has the key to my manhood and made it clear that my cock now belongs to Her. No more orgasms unless Mistress says so.

i had never been in chastity before and have a pretty strong sex drive, so needless to say that week was perhaps the most grueling experience of my life (and i regularly run long-distance races). Yesterday, on day 9 of my chastity, Mistress Tiffany summons me to Her dungeon to train Miss Alpha on the use of sounds and bondage. An awesome wave washes over me as Mistress unlocks me. i literally felt a new sense of freedom when i heard the padlock unlocking -- a freedom i hadn't known for what seemed like years.

By the end of the training session, as i'm once again strapped down to Her table, Mistress Tiffany proposes a game that involves edging me:
1) If i cum at the count of 10, i can walk out a free man,
2) If i cum before the count of 10, i will have to eat my cum and go back into chastity,
3) If i can't cum at the count of 10, then no orgasm and back into chastity.

Needless to say i lost and, despite being really close, i didn't make Mistress's countdown. She gave me another chance and i blew that too. At this point i'm shaking and quivering from being so close to orgasm -- that's when i look up and see Mistress begin to slide my cock back into the tube. My head falls back onto the table in defeat as i hear the lock clicking into place.

i thought i was going to be free. Now i'm locked up again and this time i don't know for how long. So long as it pleases Mistress Tiffany, though, i'll endure for however long She decides.

It's now day 10 and it's certainly not any easier than day 1. i find myself thinking of Mistress more and more as my cock fills up my cage until there's nowhere left for it to go. However, this constant fight between pain and pleasure serves as a reminder that Mistress's property is not for me to enjoy. And that i should ultimately seek humility and a better sense of gratitude in my chastity to Her.

This is written on Fet Life by boysgonemild

You're Amazing!

January 28, 2017

I wanted to give the courtesy to write a review for Mistress Tiffany.

Every since back page has been down I have had to get creative and look in different places to find a dominatrix.  I am glad I ran accross Mistress Tiffany.

Without going into specifics I need to point out what made her different to me compared to other experiences.

1. The time she took on the phone to talk to me when i called to book.  She said it was important that we talk so she could determine compatibility and mentioned that she only will take sessions that she is certain that she and her client will enjoy.

2. Again I was amazed that she took the time in the beginning of our session to sit and talk before we started. She made me feel comfortable by doing this.

3. She actually looks like her pictures!

4. I was thrown off with the fact that she does 90 minute minimum sessions, but after meeting her I see why, in fact time flew and next time I think i will need to book 2 to 3 hours.

5. She is actually charming and knew how to get into my head, she read me well and knew how to push all the right buttons.

6. She has a nice dungeon with plenty of equipment and it was very clean.  This was refreshing compared to minimal hotel visits with doms I've had or sketchy places I have visited before.

There is no way you can be disappointed with her, if you like her pics, read her website and follow her rules then this is a woman that you will want to see.  

Be WARNED she is the real deal but she respects boundaries and is clear about that.  I was really impressed with Mistress Tiffany's level of experience.  

Experienced electro - teasing - toy play -sensual domination and light bondage with her.

Northern Va and DC is lucky to have a woman like this! Wow!

I can't wait to come back.

See you soon Mistress,


A testomonial .

May 16, 2016

I highly recommend a session with Mistress Tiffany. She is truly a professional. She is very creative to your needs & desires. At the same time she is respectful to your limits. She works out of a clean, discreet & fully stocked work space. If you stop by to visit you will want to return. You will not be disappointed. Hold on to your hat. You are in for a ride.


My adoring letter to Mistress Tiffany.

February 10, 2016

Mistress Tiffany, You ooze sensuality. From the moment i enter Your playroom and stand before You, i am in awe of You. As soon as i hear Your sexy voice and see Your sensuous curves, my heart starts racing and my blood starts pumping. 


i love how You first undress me mentally with Your piercing eyes, then You undress me physically with Your silky hands. You turn me on and take me to levels of arousal i have never felt before. 


Even when You tie my c&b's in tight bondage, i keep throbbing for You. 


As You expertly bind my wrists and ankles to place me in a full body bondage predicament, i start panting like a dog. i struggle to breathe. 

As You playfully pinch my nips and tease me, i can't stop moaning for You.

i have never felt so exposed, so vulnerable, and so sensitive...

i can't wait to feel this way again! ;)


My second session with Mistress Tiffany.

November 12, 2015

From slave "k"

This would be my second time (hopefully of many more) seeing Mistress Tiffany after She popped my Dom cherry a month prior. Choosing a Dom isn’t a very easy task, as i had initially discovered, but after reading some of Mistress Tiffany’s writings (on sessions, Her philosophies and ideals on Female domination, etc.), as well as seeing Her beautiful photos, i knew right then and there that i wanted to serve Her. And so the wheels were set in motion...


Fast forward to O/ur second get-together: As i got out of my car, Mistress led me into Her dungeon and before i knew it, i was kneeling in front of Her as She sat on the couch before me. i remembered from my last visit that slaves are not allowed to sit on Her furniture.


And so as i sat before Her, vulnerable and entranced by Her beauty and elegance, i desperately ached for release. Mistress did not allow me any release for the entire week leading up to my session, so i was in quite a bit of pain as She undressed and collared me. my suffering didn’t matter though -- all i yearned for was pleasing Her. Hearing Her seductive voice cooing “good boy” as Her nyloned foot caressed my most sensitive parts is worth sacrificing all the orgasms of a lifetime.


In this moment, my head was spinning and my only purpose existed on the other side of each of Mistress Tiffany’s commands. i was at the end of Her leash and Her tongue.


As i soon found out, Mistress Tiffany slowly lowers You into subspace and makes sure that you stay there. Even if i wanted to escape both my mental and physical bondage that Mistress so methodically placed me in, i couldn’t. my cock was Hers to torture any way that She saw fit; my face was Hers to smother; my ass was entirely Hers to cane until it was brindled with red lash marks. i was tied up in more ways than one and entirely at Her disposal as She smiled knowingly at my plight. Little flourishes like these -- such as the way She laughed or gazed at me during certain points in O/ur session -- make it evident to me that Mistress Tiffany truly enjoys what She does. Her thoroughness, cleanliness and technical know-how further underline Her professionalism and made me feel safe in my surrender.


i won’t get into the specifics of every cruel torment Mistress made me endure, but let’s just say the things She did to me are forever seared into my mind and i only wish to come back for more. Until then...


On my knees,


I feel so lucky

October 10, 2014

i had been studying Her website for some time. Although it was true that She was absolutely gorgeous in Her pictures, it was her apparent COMMAND that seemed to reach directly into my soul.  i had been mentally pacing for what  seemed  like weeks, trying to muster the courage to call Her and make an appointment.

Now, here i was, waiting outside Her lair for the phone call that would come any minute now. When it rang, i almost jumped and i know my heart sped up. When She opened the door, i was thinking that the pictures could not have been correct. She was stunning! Regal! 
Beautiful! i followed Her into the place. We both sat, She on the sofa and i on the floor. She began to speak with me in a soothing voice. Soothing, yet knowing. She reviewed our previous conversation, ticking off where Her i had indicated an intense affinity for some of Her interests. She told me prepare for Her and that She would return in a moment.

When She returned, i was kneeling on the floor in the middle of Her area. She strode over to me, cupped my face and turned my eyes upward to gaze at Her. She pulled upwards, opened my mouth just as She spit. That had to be one of the most erotic scenes. i was completely under Her control from that moment on.

She asked me about my experience in the receiving position. i told Her that i was basically a neophyte. Nevertheless, She bent me over Her table and strapped me down. i felt some lubricant followed by a relentless pressure. She leaned over me and whispered for me to relax. But, i was unable.

Abruptly, She stopped. As She walked over to the wall with all sort of implements hanging, i could see that She was less than thrilled. 
She grabbed a paddle and told me that a set of warm buns may make me more receptive. She told me to count out loud. One! Two. Three! i tried to jump, but the bounds were too tight. She actually laughed at that. It was kind of mocking, sort of sultry, and definitely found it's way into my 

i do not remember the count, but She was right. Hot buns did make me more receptive. And i was glad that i was.

As i said before, She was awesome, in complete control, and knew exactly what i needed. the question is not whether i will be back, but rather, what can keep me away?

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