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Proper Protocols

I want to make sure we have the most enjoyable encounter that is mutually satisfying for us both, study and become familiar with My protocols for the MOST rewarding experience. 

Rules in My Kingdom:



  • Reservations are required to book an experience with Myself.  I prefer a minimum of 1 days notice.  VIP clients may book same day appointments.  Click here for more information on how to become a VIP.

  • In order to book an appointment I request you fill out My reservation form by clicking here.

  • Same day appointment requests: If you are NOT  a VIP client and insist on a same day appointment I may be able to accommodate that with 5-6 hours notice if I am available but require an additional $200 fee and you MUST pay for your session in full prior to your appointment to secure your same day session.  You MUST fill out the reservation form first and then may call to book after you have filled out the form.  I can not guarantee same day appointments and will not take any payment until I am certain I can assure your request.

  • I do NOT book appointments over text or email.  You MUST read My site, fill out My reservation form and then call to make your reservation.  However, VIP clients may text and email for appointments.  If you are NOT  a VIP and you attempt to send a text without identifying yourself or without My permission you will be blocked and I will not permit you to session with Me.

  • You must be 21 years of age or older to reserve time with Myself, I will not consider those younger then 21.

On the Phone with Mistress Tiffany:

  • Once you have filled out the reservation form you have permission to call Me at the number located on My contact page between the hours of Noon-10pm.  If I am not available you may follow up with an email to let Me know you have called in the event that I am occupied and can not answer the phone.

  • When you call keep in mind that manners are important, introduce yourself and let Me know you filled out My reservation form and when you want your appointment.  From there I will ask you some questions to become acquainted and introduce Myself so we may build a brief rapport.  Booking an appointment will take about 5-15 minutes depending on what questions I may have for you based on your reservation request.  Make sure you allocate that time.  It is important for Me to speak to any persons I have NOT met to assure I get a feel for you and to allow you to understand who I am and My style of Domination.  Calling for an appointment is NOT a phone session so keep the graphic talk to yourself.  I will always give you a moment to freely ask Me respectful questions.  If you feel the need to have a lengthy conversation to discuss the details of our session you may book a Phone consultation.  Donations for phone consults are located on My session page.

  • Do NOT use graphic language over the phone and do NOT request illegal activity or I will disconnect our call.

  • Remember the only purpose to call is to book an appointment.  If you have a lot of questions that you can not find answers to here on My website then please email your questions to Me or book a phone consultation.  

  • I have the right to choose who I want to see.  If I do not feel we are compatible then I will let you know.  I am not the type of Dominant who will just take your money and give you a sub-par session.  I want to assure an outstanding energy/power exchange for the both of us during our session.

Now that you have an appointment:

  • I do not allow persons to come into My space intoxicated or on drugs.  I do on occasion do not mind sharing wine or champagne but do not allow intoxication.

  • Retainers:  I do require a retainer to hold your reservation for you at the time you call to book.  You MUST pay your retainer the same day you book your appointment to assure your reservation.  I will request this when we talk on the phone.  I accept several options from Cash app, Venmo to PP.  I use the utmost discretion when it comes to accepting retainers.  I do NOT accept gift cards as a retainer/deposit.  Your retainer is not refundable however if I can not make our session it is refundable.  

  • Cancellations.  If you must cancel your session your retainer will be kept.  If you cancel without 24 hours notice I will request that you pay the remainder balance of your session.  If you do not want to cancel but wish to reschedule within 10 days after your scheduled appointment I will allow this, however you must pay the remainder of your session ay the time of rescheduling and then I will request a small $50 re-booking fee that you may bring with you to your session.  (If you have any questions regarding My cancellation policies or need further clarification do not hesitate to ask).

  • Make sure you follow any instructions I give you prior to your appointment.

  • Do NOT ask for directions to My location YET, you will get this when I have you confirm your appointment (usually 2 hours before your session) I will give you instructions when to get directions. Failure to confirm is considered a no call/no show and you will lose your retainer/deposit and will be required to pay for your missed appointment.  

  • Make sure that you are showered and clean before arriving, if you can not do that I do have full shower facilities with fresh linens, mouth wash deodorant etc. for your use at My space.  Let Me know when confirming if you would like to shower prior to our session.  You may also shower after.  

  • Outcalls:  All outcalls must be in the general DMV area and are a minimum of 2 hours.   Outcalls further then 1 hour are a 3hour minimum.  Outcalls 2 to 3 hours from Me are a 5 hour minimum.  

  • Fly Me to you:  If you wish for Me to travel to you I can typically travel to surrounding states via Train (first class).  States further away or other countries require a flight.  Flights longer then 3 hours I request business class.  Flights longer then 4 hours I request first class flights.  Fly Me to you requests must be 24 hour minimum even if you do not wish to session a full 24 hours.  I can also break the 24 hour time out and do multiple sessions within 24 hours.  Accommodations at an upscale hotel or median hotel suit is required.  If you will NOT be dining with Me during My visit to you then I do require a $300 per Diem per day that you wish to have Me visit you.

General policies:

  • Do NOT request illegal activities or nudity from Me.

  • Do NOT attempt to negotiate My donation.  I do not accept gift cards for deposits  for My sessions it is rude and any attempt of this I will instantly black list you with no chance of ever meeting Me. This includes bartering or offering me gift cards as a form of payment, if you do not get paid for your job in gift cards then why should I? However if you wish to get Me a gift card as an actual gift that would be acceptable.

  • Discretion:  You will find that I am very discreet and private in a very upscale area.  I will never retain any personal information you may choose to share with Me and I request the same from My clients/slaves.

  • Make sure that your donation is in an unsealed envelope and that you set it out in My main seating area on one of the end tables where you will greet Me. 

  • Dress code:  When arriving I request that you be dressed business casual.  This can be Khakis, slacks, golf shorts, a button up shirt or collard shirt.  Please do not wear denim, sneakers or street wear.  

  • No means NO: If you ask Me to do something I am not comfortable with and I say no then accept it and move on.  If you insist and ask again I will ask you to leave without a refund.

  • If you decide after arriving that you do not want to follow through with your session or if you choose to leave early you are still required for paying for the full time you reserved.  NO exceptions.  

  • Disrespectful persons or persons who can not comply with My simple policies will not be invited back to My space with Myself or any partners I may associate with.  

  • If you are not ready to book an in-person session or if you want to simply enjoy My company or chatting with Me I do offer, phone consultations, coffee and cocktail meetings, lunch and dinner dates as well as shopping trips.


  • Expect to meet with an outspoken Southern Dominant Woman who will respect your boundaries but push your buttons.  (In a good way).  

  • Expect to receive a safe word when you arrive for your session.  

  • Expect Me to take the time to talk to you when you arrive for our session prior to play, this first 15 minutes to30 minutes is important for Me to feel you through, I tend to go with the flow and slowly go naturally into My sessions until I get to know you better.  

  • I dress differently in My sessions and have an extensive wardrobe from skirts, dresses, a variety of hosiery, Tasteful lingerie, corsets and fetish attire. I prefer to be dressed in sensual attire yet comfortably so I may move easily.  If you wish to request full fetish attire such as latex, full leather, full PVC/Vinyl then I will request an addition $100 fee.  Do NOT request Me in only a bra and panties or nude.  If I feel like peeling off layers of My clothing that is My choice.  My slaves find My attire to be enticing and erotic and you will not be disappointed.  I happily accommodate, glove, hose, stocking, shoe ad boot fetishes.

  • In public, you can expect Me to always be a lady as well as discreet, I always dress appropriately if you choose to meet Me in public.  

  • Expect Me to communicate to you completely during our session, I am not a "quiet" Domme who just goes through the motions, I love to talk dirty to My submissives.  


Now Prepare yourself for an AMAZING session.  

your Superior,

Mistress Tiffany

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