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I'm NOT cheap, I'm reasonable.

With My recent rate changes I've had a few clients mention that I'm still "cheap". I know that they're not trying to insult Me, but I don't like the word cheap. I would like to say I am reasonable.

With that said, I changed My donations to what I feel is still reasonable. I am also offering 1 hour and 90 minute sessions as an option, however My preferred minimum is still 2 hours. Most of My sessions 2 hours or longer only require a deposit at a smaller percentage. However I have decided those wanting to book 1 hour need to pay for the session in full at the time of booking and those wanting 90 minutes will need to pay a 50% deposit at the time of booking.

My retainer for 2 hours is $150 and 3 hours is $200. I feel My retainers are reasonable and although they are non-refundable to assure client sincerity they are 100% refundable if I can not make the session, this will also be the same if someone pays in full for a 1 hour or 50% retainer at 90 minutes. I will honor a full refund on 1 hour and 90 minute sessions if I can not make the session.

Now let's talk about the right time frame for booking a session for you and My suggestions.

  • 1 hour sessions are good for short quick fetishes or experiences such as tickle torture, OTK spanking, foot fetishes, Quick bondage, among man other things. What I will NOT do in 1 hour- I will not do G-showers, Strapon play, toy play, Fetish clothing request such as latex, leather or PVC (hose, gloves, etc are fine). I will not accept1 hour Medical scenarios or anything that takes more then an hour for Me to prep and do in our session. I do NOT like to feel rushed through our playtime. 1 hour is ideal to focus on maybe just one particular activity or maybe 2 at most. If you fit into this category I can happily provide 1 hour for you. Do NOT select an hour and try to pile on a bunch of activities just because it's "cheaper". Keep in mind if you're new or if we have not seen each other in awhile we still may need 15-20 minutes for your consultation prior to your session and that is not additional that counts as part of your time. I am generous with My time but I will assume if you're booking an hour that is all the time you want so that's what you will get.

  • 90 minutes is good for a couple of activities. I WILL do toyplay/strap and other activities in 90 minutes 2 hours can include 2-3 activities. I will not do G. Showers, or medical play in 90 minutes you will need to get 2 hours or longer. Keep in mind 90 minutes is great for those who want to explore a few things but it is still going to feel a little more rushed and again their may still need to be 15-20 minutes of time for your consultation prior to play starting.

  • 2 hours is My preferred minimum. Why? Well this gives us time to chat prior and for Me to get a good feel for you and then allows the play to flow without being rushed too much. I do offer all types of play in 2 hours but again do not pile on more heavy activities as this will result in it feeling rushed and sloppy. I can typically do about 4 activities in this time.

  • 3 hours is actually a favorite of many of My clients. They enjoy three hours because as I have been told they can take their time to enjoy the experience. Share a glass of wine from the bottle you bring with the Mistress (we do not get intoxicated). Most clients feel 3 hours allows for a more organic flow rather then feeling too rushed; Being able to take breaks between activities if needed. Showering after and taking their time (anyone is allowed to shower before or after sessions despite the time they select). 3 hours is also My preferred minimum for any heavy crossdressing or makeovers. However you do not have to be into cross dressing if you want 3 hours. If you are nervous and want Me to take things slow this is a good time frame. 3 hours offers a variety of activities to occur for you to enjoy and experience them longer.

  • My Lunch package is great for those who want to enjoy lunch and chat candidly together prior to playtime. Enjoying Lunch and then being able to go back to My Dungeon for play many clients enjoy this connection. and it allows about 2 hours of play with a short lunch before.

  • My dinner packages are another favorite of many. This allows to be a little flirty but still discreet while enjoying a personal experience to enjoy dinner and light drinks (we do not want to get overly intoxicated) and dinner can easily take 2 to 2.5 hours. And then back at My place for about 3 hours of play. Dinner is a great icebreaker as well to help connect on a different level. I always recommend great moderate to fine dining establishments for us to both enjoy and always look and dress impeccably which will build up excitement prior to our session. Many singles and couples love this option. Do you think you may want to experience a dinner and play package with Me? You will not regret it.

  • Full day or overnight sessions. I offer these in 8 and 12 hour blocks this allows for dinner out or at your upscale hotel I do not offer these sessions in My Dungeon typically as I do not wish to have overnight guests in My Dungeon. This allows for us to dine, play, rewind, relax and have you in My complete service. Those who wish to take the time to learn, play and experience servitude will enjoy this offering. I do require about 5-6 hours of sleep with the 12 hour package

. I also tend to be generous with My time but if you have a hard stop time just let Me know.

Obviously I offer a variety of sessions that extend beyond this. Everything is about what you want to experience. Whether you want a quick session to something longer where you immerse yourself into My mercy and whim; the most important outcome is that we both have a mutually enjoyable encounter and I will continuously strive for this.

I am generous with My time as many know but I will not be taken advantage of and with the recent change in My donations remember My rates/donations may be lower then most (so I've been told) or on par with some; know that I am NOT "cheap", I am simply a Dominatrix who offers reasonable prices that I feel Myself and slaves/submissves are comfortable with.

I know this is a long blog but I hope it helps you decide what type of session is best for you.

On your Knees!

Mistress Tiffany

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