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Updating My site

Slowly but surely I am getting My site updates, there are a few things I am cleaning up, some things I am removing and adding. I like to have an informative website for everyone and I hope that you see the updates happening.

  1. I have changed My background image of My site to an updated photo from this year.

  2. I have updated My "rules"/Protocol page. There are many other pros local that have pretty much almost word for word been using My rules and protocols and many submissives have asked if they are associated with My Dungeon; which they are not. With that since they can not be creative enough to put together there own rules or protocols I have decided to be the creative one and re-write them to My liking. I know many say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but it is also plagiary. A Dommes Rules and protocols are a structure of who She is and how She runs her professional business. If others are going to "steal" text content then you have to question their sincerity and genuineness. I am not say ALL are bad people, but let's face it they are not creative enough to think of how they want to brand and build their own business then it is apparent they may not be as creative in their own sessions. Just My own opinion.

  3. I have added and updated some of My photos. I have MANY more and hope to continue to add more. It is important that I keep My website up to date with fresh photos.

  4. I am adding a video clip as well.

I plan on continuing to update My website and hope to streamline it a bit better. I also plan on adding more reviews; I have many to add. If you have sessioned with Me and would like to write a tasteful review )I of course do not expose names) you are more then welcome to email Me your review/testimonial to

Keep coming back My site will only be getting better!

On your Knees!

Mistress Tiffany

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